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Thursday, 31 March 2011

31st March - Cilla & Secret

We gave Secret and Cilla a fairly easy time of it today, baring in mind that it is the first one that they have had since they arrived.

Both had a little bit of ground work and direction changes in the arena whilst a few of the grooms where excersising some of the other horses. It gave them something to look at and then they had to remember that the directions and and paces still had to be followed and they both worked it out quickly and settled in to the routine as they kept an eye on the other horses and riders.

The plan for today was to let them have an easy time of it but also treat them like the riding horses that they are, so the ground work was kept to a minimum and we mounted and did a few laps of the arena walking out well. Then we headed down to the excersise track to basically do more of the same, it may seem dreary at this point, but keep in mind that we had to negotiate the muck removal mans' trailer and digger making a bit of a racket and also the new concrete floor going down for the new stables - the yellow one and the pink one barely batted an eye at any of this.

So, off we headed to the track and gave them the ridden break they deserved. We walked out around the track at a good pace and both of them appreciated the chance to relax and drop their heads down and stretch out without the hassle of having to change direction or move the feet too much.

Not an exciting bunch of notes, but a practical and useful example of when less can also be more.

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