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Monday, 18 April 2011

Notes by Hels

18/04/11 -  Secret - good ride today, very impressed with his efforts whilst playing with lateral work. Back up getting softer and more responsive, sideways is surprisingly light both ways also. Canter work proved interesting as Secret was much quicker to relax today. Bit may be slightly too large, might be time to find a smaller one or revert to the snaffle for the time being.

18/04/11 - Cilla - a short groundwork session - the first since her return from the deep south.... very much interested in what all the other horses were doing - Cilla can appear to be checking in, when in fact, she isn't remotely interested in what you have to say. Always nice feedback. Decided work at speed was not the right choice here, Cilla needs the next question to be asked almost before she has said "no" to the first one. So I asked her lots of questions, trying to give her enough time for a response, but not enough time for a brace to develop. Pretty hard for me! Turns out there is a difference between concise communication and micro-management.... who knew!  Worked on farrier prep at the end, easier if you let her check out, more difficult when you ask for her full attention.

Hels had a really interesting chat after training about not making it a contest with Cilla - it seems to have worked. 

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