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Monday, 18 April 2011

David Stuart Demonstrates A Foundation Colt Start

David is back on the Farm at the end of May, to start a few colts for us, and  and hand over those he started last year.  He also just checks through those we have for sale, and hacks a few out.  It is an amazing yet busy time for us all and the farm is buzzing.  

David is a very special person and this was recognised by Ray Hunt and the likes of Pat Parelli.  David has such a nice gentle way of starting a colt, soft and gentle all the way.  For those in the know he is one of the best colt starting horseman of the moment.  On the Wednesday after of his visit we open the Farm up to spectators.  It's very informal, numbers are kept to a minimum and some of you are old timers at this. You get a ring side seat, to view up close, and the chance to ask David directly, any questions.  Not just about colt starting, but horses.  Anything horsey, he has a wealth of knowledge, so tap into some of that .... lol  

If you have never watched a horse being started then you are in for a treat, and if you have there is always more to learn. David's strengths are the beginnings and the development of a foundation on a horse.  His demonstration may digress as a David Stuart Foundation Start is only ever taken at the Colts pace. 
Tickets available on the website: 

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