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Monday, 18 April 2011

Bluey and Secret

Secret taking a moment - or was that Helly taking a moment !
16/4/11 - Bluey - first session for nearly 2 months, took it easy - 20 mins groundwork and then 20 mins ridden. Nothing complicated just went over the basics today. Ended on a good note, plenty of licking and chewing from Blue. 

17/4/11 - Bluey - a short and sweet groundwork session, asking for yields from FQ and HQ, played with the yo-yo game, gently reminding him of everything he learnt last year! A good prep. for tomorrows ride. 

17/4/11 - Secret -First day back after 10 days off - groundwork was nice, picking up his feet, even in the deep sand of the roundpen. Kept it simple, walk/trot/canter in the roundpen and then the same in the menage. Can't complain. 

18/4/11 - Bluey - Really getting back into the mindset for work.... head carriage a lot lower than the previous ride and much less of an opinion about every ask. Great ride today, kept the groundwork to the necessaries and got straight up. One rein stops improving, trot/canter transitions worked on briefly. 

Secret is really ready for a new home now, and someone is going to really enjoy this horse.  

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