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Thursday, 21 April 2011

20/04/11 - Bluey - Saddled up, moved his feet and got on. 5 minutes in the round pen going over the basics, then up to the menage. Into trotting work, lots of circles and changes of direction - he must be finding this taxing as there were lots of nice offers to canter which were graciously accepted. Leaning out on the right rein slightly, this should improve with consistency on our part - moved onto some pole work, nice effort from Blue !!

20/04/11 - Secret - Same start as Bluey today, groundwork kept to a minimum. Put snaffle bit back in, seems to be much comfier now. 5 mins in the roundpen to warm up, then straight out to the large field. Something different today - worked him for 30 mins over the uneven terrain, said hello to all the neighbouring horses and went for  walk down the track. Calm and content throughout, pretty happy with him.

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