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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Secret & Cilla - notes from Helen

Got to yard in time to meet Petra - had a good conversation about the treatment - Faradic- which seems to have some sound theory behind it. Also, watching the ponies' reactions compounds it further. Overall impressed by her general attitude and approach. Immediately after, we started working with the ponies....

Cilla - groundwork showed huge improvements in her movement and seems to have lost a large proportion of brace. Favouring right hind slightly, Petra thinks this may, like secret, be the root of her brace. Head carriage dramatically lower than when I last saw her (over a week ago) and looking looser all over. Even tempted to say she moves quite nicely. Pretty spritely during all of this, in a good way... 

She was then ridden  with one rein in the halter - again head carriage much lower and looking softer. Discussion raised as to how much of her braciness has been related to physical discomfort.

Secret - another positive response to treatment, seemed to swish tail less during groundwork.  During groundwork with saddle I noticed huge increase in movement in the back underneath the saddle - he is still holding some tension in his girth but I think this is learned behaviour and is subsiding as training goes on. 

Again, he seems much softer during the ridden work, attitude has changed for the better. Ridden in snaffle and he appeared pretty content. Footwork improving too, he is more aware of his hooves and where they are going... 

Lots of hard work and good progress 

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